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→ Anonymous whispered : Hey Mike. So, I graduated some time ago. I'm 25 now and I just don't relate with my profession anymore. I've been wanting to study medicine but where I live it takes at least five years to graduate which would make me a 30 year old at college. I haven't even done anything about it and there's already preassure on me... I just wanted to know your opinion on it since it's kind of a big deal for me... Thank you.


Leonardo DaVinci didn’t paint his masterpiece, The Last Supper until he was 46.

In his 20s and 30s he messed up his freelance career by not finishing huge projects and had to drawing dead criminals to make money.

Harrison Ford was a carpenter until he was 35.

Don’t be afraid to start over. You can do it.

(Insert a billion other similar examples…then watch this…then do what makes you happy and work hard.)