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progressivelystronger whispered : After you receive this you must share 5 random facts about yourself and then copy and send to your ten favorite followers :)

-I’m Mexican and Spaniard and more than likely French/Basque

-I can sing…sort of lol and people compliment me on my voice/laugh a lot.

-I was a store manager by age 21

-I’ve seen probably more than like 300+ bands/music artists live. I honestly can’t even keep track anymore but I have a nice collection of ticket stubs :)

-I love to read and research a lot especially about nutrition and spirituality.

Thanks progressivelystronger!

Ooops totally forgot to do this last week!

-Planning for the future and moving! The plan was to always move to a big city for college and we finally set a date range, yaaaassss!

-Cabbage, ok ok I know fucking weird sort of but dude I rediscovered this little gem and it’s been so versatile, I LOVE YOU CABBAGE.

-Pictures of my husband when he was little…he has the most adorable smile and it hasn’t changed one bit, so freaking cute!

-Cats…I used to hate them honestly because I am allergic but it turns out only to some because we have a million cats (outdoor) and they are the cutest.

-Sweaters…cause comfy.

-Reading about Physics and Sacred Geometry.

-My husband being super protective of me, it’s nice to know I can rely on him if anyone ever gives me a hard time.